Collectors' Event at the Grout Museum

To introduce the public to the world of collecting things, the Grout Museum, in Waterloo, Iowa, invited a group of collectors to show their collections on a Sunday afternoon.  Collections included WW1 memorabilia, antique radios, antique books, vintage car and motorcycle license plates, antique dolls, and so on.

On my mechanical pencil display table, Waterman and Sheaffer pencils and factory photos were displayed, along with a good selection of other pencils, reference books, pencil boxes, 
and other pencil accessories.

Many visitors recognized Sheaffer "Pearlies," but few knew they were made in Iowa.

Visitors were invited to try the vintage pencils with a doodle in a sketch book.  Colored leads made it more fun.  They learned how to advance the lead by twisting.

Quote of the day:  "I didn't know mechanical pencils were a Thing!"
Mission accomplished.

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