Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pencil Sketch--Welsh Dresser

Galena, Illinois

Crow Pencil Box

A week after my father's funeral, I was invited to attend the estate sale of a couple I had known at my university many years previously.  It was a house full of nooks and crammed with books;  it had deep layers of daily living accumulated over decades.  It was a collage of a marriage, and portraiture of two individuals.  I roamed through the house fascinated.  Inexplicably, it was just what I needed to do at that moment.

I purchased a pencil box.  It was created by Ian Nicholas in decoupage.  

Inside, it looked like this:

Now, after a few weeks, it looks like this:

The Waterman metal cap repeater pencil from the 1950s seemed to belong there.

It is a cap-actuated repeater of dark grey plastic and two-tone metal, with silver tip and clip.  
It uses a 0.9mm lead and has a red rubber eraser under the cap.

Among the last of the USA-made Watermans.