Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Crow Pencil Box

A week after my father's funeral, I was invited to attend the estate sale of a couple I had known at my university many years previously.  It was a house full of nooks and crammed with books;  it had deep layers of daily living accumulated over decades.  It was a collage of a marriage, and portraiture of two individuals.  I roamed through the house fascinated.  Inexplicably, it was just what I needed to do at that moment.

I purchased a pencil box.  It was created by Ian Nicholas in decoupage.  

Inside, it looked like this:

Now, after a few weeks, it looks like this:

The Waterman metal cap repeater pencil from the 1950s seemed to belong there.

It is a cap-actuated repeater of dark grey plastic and two-tone metal, with silver tip and clip.  
It uses a 0.9mm lead and has a red rubber eraser under the cap.

Among the last of the USA-made Watermans.


  1. I suspect the later Waterman pencil shares the "Lovejoy patent" works you'll find on the Moore Fingertip and some later Eversharps. The patent was issued in 1944 and was last in use by Durolite into the 1960s. Nice find!

  2. I have encountered the later Eversharp repeaters, but not a Moore Fingertip--looks like a pencil worth pursuing.
    Thanks for the patent expertise!