Monday, December 30, 2013

Transparent Square 4

To close out the year, at the last minute, comes a pencil unlike any other featured here:  the Eversharp Square 4.  Its 1.1 mm lead was both square-shaped and 4 inches long, giving the pencil its name.  Although utilitarian, it has style and a bit of quality, too.  It is 6 & 1/2 inches long, big and bold.

The case of this pencil is transparent green celluloid, with a brick-work design in black strokes superimposed over the surface.  The case tapers to a metal tip, or nose, and for once, has enough grip on the nose to be really easy to turn.  Because the case is square, as well as the lead, it does not roll off your desk.

The large eraser is held by a top made of what looks to be black Bakelite and aluminium.  It unscrews to reveal the spare leads, held in four compartments on each corner of the square case.  My example contained four leads which only needed to have the white-ish bloom wiped off them to be perfect and functional.  The press clip is lower on the case, since the pencil is so long.  It says "Eversharp" in the typical italicized capital letters.  At the top of the clip is "Made in USA."

I hope you can see the spiral screw in the photo above, through the transparent case, ending in a ribbed cap, part of the nose-drive mechanism. Fortunately, it is working perfectly.  Below is the the lead package for this pencil.

With lead this long, you could write, draw, or doodle until the next new year comes along.

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