Monday, February 3, 2014

Thoroughly Waterman

A new Waterman arrived to take up a position in the Waterman collection, a Thorobred in a new-to-me color of marble celluloid, grey-green with burnt orange/sienna, black tip and silver-colored trimmings.  In Waterman advertising, the color was referred to as moss green and red agate.  The celluloid was made in a narrow strip which was spiralled around the case.  It is much like the red and green Thorobred in this blog:  Pen versus Pencil  The cap end is perfectly flat.

The Thorobred pencil, made in the 1935-1939 period, corresponded to the #3 lever-filled fountain pen.  It uses the older 1.1 mm lead, the cap twists off to reveal an eraser, and the mechanism works by twisting the black and silver tip.  The ball clip has Waterman's imprinted on it, and there is an imprint on the back of the cap which says, "Waterman's, Reg.US Pat. Off., Made in U.S.A."

With the Thorobred, like a solemn butler or aide de camp, comes this Waterman pencil, the Commando model of the 1940s.  It has gold-tone "military clip" and trim, and although it looks like a repeater, it is a nose-drive mechanism advancing 1.1 mm lead.

A thoroughly Waterman pair.

For more Waterman Thorobred pencils, see this blog:

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