Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Engraver's Band Balance

I like when I can find a pencil that's got something a bit different about it, like this ebonized pearl Sheaffer "Balance" with the larger band (center pencil, below) just waiting to have one's initials engraved on the blank space.  It also fit into a missing size slot in my "floating pearl-chips" Balances.  I tried with lighting to show you how these chips glow like the aurora borealis.

The larger bands for engraving have a simple ribbed design except for the spot left blank.  It's more uptown than stamping a personalization into the celluloid.  The other one I have is also a Balance, but with golden brown striations.  Since these are middle twist pencils, the band gives you a nice grip-spot when advancing the lead.

But that is not the only thing different about the "ebonized pearl" pencil--its slightly tooth-marked top is slant-cut, not pointed.

Like no other Balance I have seen so far.

Did you notice that the tops and tips of these two are solid black?  They must only have made narrow strips of this pearl.  What a pity, when it's so pretty!

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