Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ladies, Choose Your Style

You can easily find a lady's vintage mechanical pencil to match your personal style.
If this is you. . .

. . . then you might like something floral.

This is a Wahl Eversharp sterling silver ringtop pencil with a floral engraving and your monogram in the center of the flowers.  You might wear it on a chain to a dance, and write yourself down for all the waltzes with your current favorite beau (on his dance card, or failing that, on his celluloid shirt cuff) using this little beauty. Your name won't easily be erased with this pencil's 1.1 mm lead.

If you prefer gold, and want to have a pencil on a chain, but not around your neck, pin on this floral brooch and when the opportunity comes along to give your telephone number to the right person, just pull down on the pencil and it extends on it's retractable chain.  Styled just for you by Ketcham & McDougall of East Orange, New Jersey, the little square nose-drive pencil uses the latest thin lead (0.9mm).

Maybe floral is not your style.  If you prefer something more tailored and sporty, there are pencils for your personal taste, too.

If this is more like you, how about this 4 inch Sheaffer pocket or purse pencil, the "Tuckaway?"  This Sentinel model has a two-tone cap with sporty vertical and ripple chasing, a petite clip, and a go-with-everything burgundy lower half.  You will write smoothly and finely when you twist out the 0.9 mm lead.

If you are no-nonsense and have not an inch of space to spare, you might like this telescoping pencil by Writescope.  Extended, it is 3 inches, but compressed it is only an inch and three quarters.  Perfect for the peripatetic life.  It would clip to the ripcord of your parachute, even, via the ring on top.

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