Friday, July 5, 2013

Little Green Men, Uh, Boys

After finding my great aunt's Peter Pan pencil, with her name on it, I got kind of interested in the little guys and have since found two more.  Funny thing is, they are all different, and they are all a variation of green. When I was really hoping for red!

Great Aunt's is 10-sided green "marble" with the typical Salz pierced band.  It's slightly rounded on the top.  It is  3 & 1/8 inches, or 3 & 1/4 on tip-toes.  No eraser.  It's been in two other blogs--this little guy gets around!

This one is a grey-green "marble," and the celluloid is a strip which has been spiralled around the case.  The top is completely rounded.  It has a three-part band with no piercing, and a plain nose with no "grip."  It is also 3 & 1/4 inches.  If you unscrew the top, there is an eraser.  

Finally, there is this 10-sided grass-green one, with diamond-patterned celluloid.  The top is nearly flat.  It has the pierced band, a screw-off top with eraser under it, and measures 3 & 1/2 inches.  It also has "grip" on the nose.

They all use 1.1 mm lead and have the same clip, reading "Peter Pan" in script, and over the top "PAT'D."  

I'm as happy with these as Wendy with the Lost Boys and Peter Pan!  But I still want a red one.

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