Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baby Blue

This blue striated celluloid mini-size repeater with silver trim is my latest Esterbrook, from a New Jersey pen/pencil company I have just gotten to know, but now admire.  How mini?  4 & 3/8 inches.

 The model is called the Dollar, because, of course, the pens cost a dollar, so the pencil probably cost the same or less.  It was a model made from 1934 until 1942.  Dollar models can be identified by the clips with the oval cut-outs.  From 1934 to 1937 the clip had a taper at the top, and from 1938 to 1942 the tops of the clips were the widest part, like this little pencil's.

Since 1938 was the date the new wide-top clip was introduced, and in that same year "thin lead" (0.9 mm) became available, perhaps both changes were made to the Dollar pencil at the same time.  The flat top of the clip is engraved with Esterbrook in script.

The small size pen and pencil were known as the demi model H.  On this H pencil, you can see the imprint has a fancy script H.  The imprint says, " R Esterbrook H, PAT. MADE IN USA."

Dollar pens and their matching pencils had two other models:  the slimmer A, and the regular size, B.
But you can hardly beat the baby blue model.

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