Thursday, January 26, 2017

Eclipsed by Hard Use and Old Age

This derelict Eclipse has seen better days, but I rescued it anyway.  It was somebody's favorite pencil in about 1920.  The gold plating has been worn off almost entirely, and the once-crisp check design is nearly flat and smooth along the pencil's lower half.  It still propels its .046 inch lead with a rear drive mechanism.  It is 5 & 1/4 inches, with a place for an eraser under the cap, but the eraser is long gone. Like other rear drive pencils, it can hold a long lead.

This is an all metal Eclipse before the advent of the 2-piece patented clip of 1923, which is found on my first Eclipse, here:  Pleased to Meet You

In 1962 the Canadian branch of the Eclipse Pen Company (started in 1925) bought out the American branch, its operations, and patents.  After decades in New York,  Eclipse moved entirely to Canada.  A decision for which I have no small amount of sympathy.

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