Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lady Patricia Remodeled

The Depression-era petite 4 & 1/4 inch pencil called the Lady Patricia (companion to the pen of the same name) was re-designed when Waterman's created their new "Ink-Vue" pen, with a transparent barrel section, so you could view the ink, of course, in order to know when you were running low.

The Lady Patricia pencil acquired a new clip and center band, and was even smaller than before, at 4 & 1/8 inches.  Two colors of marble were available at first, "Sunset," a red, and "Mist," a green-grey, with a color-matched section of Bakelite in the point.  Also, "Black Lace" was offered--a solid black. Here is my newly acquired "Mist" version.

The clip has a diamond pattern, as does the center band.  The imprint is on the back of the cap, which screws off to reveal the eraser.

This is the Sunset color Lady Patricia Ink Vue pen.
And here are my other Lady Patricia pencils, in the onyx (right), and jet colors.

At Vintage is a good description and history of the Ink-Vue pens and pencils:  Waterman Ink-Vue

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