Sunday, April 23, 2017

Inspired by Women

If you had any doubt that the petite Lady Patricia pencil (and pen, of course) was meant for women, you have only to see this ad:  "The Lady Patricia-- A fountain pen inspired by women, for women.
It takes more than a 'scaled-down' size, a ring and a ribbon to make a fountain pen that women really like."  In the ad you can see the pen and pencil sets in the Persian, Jet, and Onyx colors.  

Recently I added the Moss Agate color pencil to my group of Lady Ps.  The marble is green pearl and a glittery bronze with black veins and solid black point section.  Its clip, tip, and band are gold-toned.

The imprint is on the back of the cap, which screws off to allow access to the eraser.  It uses 1.1 mm lead, and as the ad mentions, is 4 & 1/4 inches.  According to the ad, every Waterman's is "guaranteed forever," but if they did go wrong, "service stations" were maintained for repair.

The pen, photo courtesy of the Fountain Pen Network, is below.

Click this link to see three other Lady Patricia pencils:

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