Thursday, May 10, 2018

Marble Mini Moore

When you think about what modern pencils look like, celluloid "marble" was a wonderful material. 

Well-rated Alvin mechanical pencils in a range of lead sizes.

This 4" Moore from the 1930s isn't that great engineering-wise, or particularly outstanding design-wise, but that marble!

It's a nose drive pencil with the larger 1.1 mm lead, and an eraser under the cap.  The pressed-on clip is pretty standard for the time, but not as handsome as Moore's Mastercraft clips.  

But they didn't stint on the marble!
Here is the green pencil with its older relative, the 1925 patent Moore.

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  1. Yes the plastics commonly used in the old days sure look much nicer than the modern commonly used plastics. Of course modern uncommon (i.e. really expensive) plastics can look just as good as they did in the old days, but that's a whole other price bracket :)

  2. I bet that's right! Thanks for your comment.