Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fat Blue Eclipse

Twenty years after the founding of the Eclipse Fountain Pen and Pencil Company, this chunky 5" pencil was introduced with the brand new 1923 patented clip, and gold-filled trimmings.  It has a check pattern; a space for personalization has been left pattern-free on the barrel.  You can date the pencil by the script "Eclipse" on the clip, they were the earliest of the new clips after the patent was issued on September 18, 1923.  After a while they changed the clip inscription to a couple of different styles of capital letters.

The gold-filled cap pulls off--there might have been an eraser, but not now.  The pencil uses the standard 1.1 mm lead and is a nose drive mechanism.  The blue body is celluloid.  It's a fun pencil to use--it feels substantial and is still in perfect working condition.

Besides the American Eclipse company, there was also a thriving Canadian branch.  If you would like to know more about it, a website has been created by the Tully family to explain their involvement and the history of Eclipse in Canada.  Eclipse Fountain Pen and Pencil Company--History

These are my other Eclipse examples from previous blogs--links below the photos.

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