Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Jones Dairy, Maker Unknown

It's a little odd to find in a private setting, like the family desk, a pencil from a dairy wholesaler.
Irv Jones, of Jones Dairy in Des Moines, only sold his milk wholesale.  I can't quite figure how our family would have acquired this pencil, but here it is.

There is no maker marking on this cream-yellow marble pencil with the milk bottle cap.  It is a 5 & 3/8 inch middle twist pencil, and the milk bottle pulls off.  There's an eraser underneath.  The silver-colored trim is in nice condition, but the friction-fit tube-drive mechanism is stripped, unfortunately.
It uses 1.0 mm lead, dating this to the early-to-mid 1930s.  One possibility for the maker is the Quickpoint company of St. Louis, who made mostly advertising pencils. 

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