Friday, October 25, 2019

A Surprise: Shaw - Barton

Before Anderson - Erickson Dairy ordered their advertiser pencils from Sheaffer, what a surprise!, they used Shaw - Barton.  From the family desk drawer:

Shaw - Barton started making pencils in 1940 when they purchased a calendar company (making other specialty advertising items, as well) in their hometown of Coshocton, in east central Ohio.  This is a slim 1940s middle twist pencil, using the recently introduced slim lead (0.9 mm).  It is 5 inches long.

Shaw Barton is stamped into the top of the slightly rusty clip--you need a magnifying glass to see it.
The top "jewel" is crackled transparent yellow plastic, maybe Lucite, an acrylic-based plastic.

Other family A-E pencils can be seen here:  More Sheaffers in the Waterman Family Desk

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