Friday, November 17, 2017

More Sheaffers in the Waterman Family Desk

Eventually sons and daughters have the bittersweet, seemingly never-ending task of clearing out their parents' home of posessions those good folks will never need again, for one reason or another.  It's nothing you really want to do, but someone has to do it!

In the family desk, in one of my dad's innumerable pencil cases, I was pleased to find two Sheaffer Pearlies from dad's college job with Anderson Erikson Dairy in Des Moines.  A little Christmas gift from the company, maybe?  Unlike all the other family Pearlies, these have the "Fineline" inscription on the clip.

Compared to Dad's College Pearlie, the AE advertising pencils have less grip at the bottom.  Dad's college pencil also has the duel-layer tip, said (in Sheaffer ads) to prevent lead breakage, and also found on the Sheaffer Triumph "Crest" with the gold-filled cap. 

There was also a black Pearlie with the duel-layer tip.

Here are their three tips:

That's quite a few Pearlies, with several clip, tip, and grip configurations.

One other Sheaffer I found was Dad's fountain pen I remembered from my childhood.  It turned out to be a Snorkel "Admiral."  It has a lovely 14 k nib. Still working, too.

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