Sunday, June 3, 2018

Full of Lead and Ready to Go

After meeting a few interesting Eclipse pencils, I have kept my eye out for the name.  It was impossible to resist this bell-top Eclipse with the 1923 patented clip.  It is a slightly later clip with capital letters instead of the script lettering of my fat blue Eclipse.

This red-veined gold marble pencil is 4 & 3/4 inches, with gold-tone trim, and a black cap.  The band at the top has a nice design and is decorative only, since the mechanism is nose-driven.  Inside the cap is the stub of an eraser worn totally flat.  Inside the barrel--my goodness, out poured a handful of leads!

They are the 1.1 mm leads of the time.  On the clip is the patent date 9-18-23.  But for me the attraction is this pretty marble.

It looks amazingly like the real thing.  Well done, Eclipse!

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